How It Works Without Drawing Blood?

A non-invasive glucose measurement system is based on the method of Metabolic Heat Conformation (MHC), which indicates that blood glucose is the primary energetic substance in metabolism. The glucose level is deduced from the quantity of heat dissipation, blood flow rate of local tissue and degree of blood oxygen saturation. The heat of human body can be dissipated through four approaches, which are convection, thermal conduction, thermal radiation, and evaporation. Measurement system consists of three temperature sensors, two humidity sensors, an infrared sensor, an optical measurement device and others. In total, the system integrates 23 sensors for signal collection, input and simulation, a processing circuit for signal conversion and amplification, a microprocessor to calculate the value of parameters. The parameters, collected through finger conductor, include blood glucose concentration, oxygen saturation, hemoglobin concentration, blood flow volume, pulse, environmental temperature and humidity, and shell temperature and humidity.

In addition to MHC, we also combine photoelectric method, big data, statistics and mathematics, morphological parameters of the patient body. Therefore, results obtained by means of our device are much more accurate than results calculated by invasive glucometers for home use.