European Congress on eCardiology & eHealth

This is a unique annual conference on eCardiology and eHealth, focusing on real-world, clinical applications and translating technology for daily clinical practice. eHealth is reshaping right now the way doctors and medical professionals work and interact between themselves, with their patients thanks to new tools and data. In order for eHealth to grow, it must be used everyday by practitioners and medical teams and it must answer the real need of those everyday professional users. European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth is dedicated to the use of eHealth solutions in every aspect of cardiovascular care such as prevention, diagnosis, risk assessment, monitoring, education, counselling and treatment.

Congress Mission:
To improve standards of patient care using eHealth in the car¬diovascular field

Congress Objectives:

  • Translate eHealth possibilities into clinical practice and cli¬nical needs/considerations into technological requirements
  • Connect cardiovascular clinicians to technology developers
  • Provide a discussion platform for the cardiovascular com¬munities
  • Create a unique exchange forum between clinicians, tech¬nology developers, health insurance providers and regu¬lators