RUMIDIMUR DMCC is the part of RUVEIDIEN GROUP established in 2008. We find Medical Innovations and promote total solutions all over the world.

Our features:

  • Sales in about 40 countries
  • Collaboration with world leading suppliers and up and coming companies
  • Focus on innovative fields of medicine
  • At least 40% of average annual growth
  • More than 80 employees, including medical specialists and engineers

Our product portfolio includes high-tech medical devices for diagnostics and treatment:

  • Structural Heart Diseases
  • Haemostatic Products
  • Endovascular Surgery (Coronary and Peripheral)
  • Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Detection
  • Dental Prosthesis
  • Physiotherapy (Laser Treatment)
  • Telemedicine: Remote ECG Monitoring

Currently key projects of our company cover new solutions in telemedicine, such as Online ECG Monitoring System for outpatient remote control of heart activity. Another unique device is Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Detector allowing to display results of measurements on personal smartphone via Bluetooth in 60 seconds. Besides, All-New Laser for pain relief is one of the high-demand products in case of bone or tissue injuries and orthopedic conditions.